Beauty Books: Tanya Burr, FleurdeForce, Lauren Conrad – What’s On My Desk?

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In addition to being a beauty, lifestyle and home decor obsessive I would also consider myself to be a raving bookworm. I love to read; I always have. I may not always have the time to read as much as I would like but, you can guarantee there isn’t a day goes by when I am not talking about a book or asking people for recommendations for my ever-growing “must read” list.

I adore fiction novels – most recently I completed John Greene’s ‘Paper Towns’; an easy but delightful read! However, I also love it when I find a good non-fiction text that holds my interest. I often find myself rattling through biographies, scientific or general knowlegde articles or interesting articles from ‘The Telegraph,’ ‘Tatler’ or ‘Vogue’.

It will come as no surprise then that beauty books are another favourite of mine. Whilst quite often what is written in the pages of these hard-backs is the same as what can be found on said writer’s Instagram, I can’t help but delve into the colourful, shimmering pages. The photography is generally stunning, the information interesting and helpful and – even if I don’t learn anything “ground breakingly” new – the covers are gorgeous. As such, I love to have my beauty books on display and I like to rotate the ones on display often.

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So what’s adorning my dressing table this week? Find out below:

  • ‘The Glam Guide’ by Fleur de Force – The first of Fleur’s two books this is a dressing room classic. It looks super pretty and has lots of helpful hints and beauty hacks inside. I absolutely love the golden stars on the covers and the pastel, water-colour like, ink blots dotted all around.
  • ‘True Whit’ by Whitney Port – I was a big fan of ‘The Hills’ and ‘The City’ so when Whitney Port released this book I had to have it. It’s chic, classy (like the author herself) and gives you an insight into all things Whitney. Meanwhile it provides lots of advice on a variety of topics ranging from fashion favourites and faux pas, to how to throw elegant dinner parties.
  • ‘Style’ by Lauren Conrad – Star of ‘Laguna Beach: The Real OC’ and ‘The Hills’ Lauren Conrad has always been one of my style icons and role models. She is classy, elegant and stylish and I fall in love with every book she releases. Her Instagram account is also one of my favourites to follow – #instagoals. The photography in this book is stunning and the information she provides is fantastic – it’s great having the inside scoop from someone who is genuinely living, learning and working in the fashion world.
  • ‘Love Tanya’ by Tanya Burr – I’ve watched Tanya’s Youtube channel since she launched many years ago and it has been amazing to the scale at which she has grown. I purchased the book mainly out of sentimental motivation – it was like seeing the success story of a friend in print. Like the others it has lots of hints and tips that are beauty and fashion related. What makes this book special though is that you can add your own beauty favourites to it. So, the book doubles as a personal dairy and journal too.

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