Easy Winged-Eyeliner: Vamp Stamp VINK Eyeliner Ink & VERGE Angle Brush Review

Vamp Stamp Eyeliner (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)
Vamp Stamp Eyeliner (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

“You should never ask a woman with winged liner why she’s late…As every make up addict knows, the eyeliner flick is a fickle beast – until, that is, you’re armed with The Vamp Stamp’s ingenious eyeliner innovations.”

‘The Vamp Stamp’ via Cult Beauty.

Vamp Stamp Eyeliner (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

Eye-liner is one make-up product and technique that I really struggle with. And, I know I am not alone in this fact – I am forever coming across people who speak of their daily struggles to achieve the “perfect wing.” In addition to nailing the technique itself you also have to find the perfect product. After-all, what good is having that perfect, “feline-flick” if the product goes on blotchy, smudges, melts at the first sign of moisture or has an applicator that doesn’t flow smoothly? No one wants that, “so-not-perfect” shaky line! Add to this the drama of trying to get out the door in a rush and the prospect of eye-liner can be rather a daunting one.

I have tried my fair share of eye-liner products and, whilst I know I might be fussy, I haven’t yet found one that works of me. There are some I have liked – The Boujois Liner Feutre Slim has saved the day on a few occasions – but I am generally disappointed. I have even splashed out on some of the higher end liners in the hope that it will turned me into a winged wonder woman. But, alas! No success.

So, I decided I had to be realistic about what kind of product I was looking for – what was going to work for me? I was looking for something that could make the process of winging, flicking and mod-ing fuss-free and fabulous.  The internet is a world of information (particularly for beauty hacks and reviews) so that’s where I started my quest.  Soon, I noticed that there were loads of new, “stamp like” products emerging to help people in my kind of predicament. The boomerangs and demo-videos made it look so easy – lid off, stamp on, done! Hooray! I had found my answer. So after some consideration I opted to buy the ‘Vamp Stamp.‘ The brand seemed to be answering all my prayers when they claimed:

“Heralding the end of cat-eye catastrophes and feline flick fiascos, you simply ink it up,

stamp it on and vamp it out for perfect, uniform flicks in two seconds flat.”

But, it was’t all fabulous in the beginning. In all honesty, I made an error with my purchase. In the end I bought the VINK Eyeliner Ink and VERGE Angle Brush for £18.00 from Cult Beauty. However, I didn’t realise that the brand also offer the VaVaVoom Stamp (£22.50) which gives (as you can imagine) more of a statement result. It’s the VaVaVoom stamp that actually aims to provide the two second result they speak of. On closer inspection my product description did say to be used in conjunction with the stamp but, in my haste and eagerness, I overlooked this.

So, it’s no surprise that when the product arrived in the post I was a little confused. I didn’t understand – how was this brush going to act as a stamp? The fact that the branding is simply, “Vamp Stamp” also adds to the confusion. At the end of the day a stamp is what you think you are getting – or at least, I did.

The Packaging

Vamp Stamp Eyeliner (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

Aside from this, the packaging is very edgy and cool. The box is black with the brand name emblazoned in purple and pink. The tagline: “the only way to wing it” finishes the box off. One one side there is also a lovely illustration (a combination of pencil and water colour) of a glamorous, edgy woman sporting purple-hued hair, a pink lip, killer eyebrows and – of course – a wonderful winged eye! I really like the branding and packaging. The instructions can also be found on the side – pictorials included. I like the simplicity of including image directions with written; it speeds up the process of understanding what to do.

Vamp Stamp Eyeliner (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

The Product

Now, despite not having the VaVaVoom stamp (that I apparently needed) I decided to give using the product a go anyway. Inside, was a small pot of the VINK eyeliner in black (much like those that contain gel eyeliners) containing a product soaked sponge. Normally, this is what you would dip the VaVaVoom stamp into. Then, you would use the VERGE angle brush to touch up and refine. The brush itself is very compact. It has a black handle  and features tight, angled bristles which are also purple in-keeping with the brand.

I popped the brush into the pot (instantly it seems like there is a lot of product which is great) and ensured the entire brush was covered – as instructed. I then “stamped” the angled brushed onto the outer corner of my eye and…I was shocked! The angular shaping and firmness of the bristles actually created a perfect wing. I continued the line down across my lash line and before I knew it I was done; in not far off five seconds. I then repeated the process on the other side; no fuss involved. There was no un-evenness, no smudging, no blotching. I had managed a perfect wing on both eyes! What was also great was that because the brush was fine, so was the wing. It wasn’t over-whelming of too dramatic (as I imagine the VaVaVoom Stamp would create). This is something I can wear everyday.

So, in some strange way, my purchasing error has worked out as a blessing in disguise. The liner itself is really pigmented and glides on smoothly. It’s also water-proof so it has been staying put all day. This is particularly important for me for two reasons. Firstly, I tend to always rub my eyes and cause a terrible mess. Secondly, I wear contact lenses and suffer from dry eye so, my eyes tend to water or I have to apply drops every so often. But, with this product there has not been a liner smudge in sight.

Vamp Stamp Eyeliner (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

I am going to keep using this product and hope that the positive first impressions continue. But, so far I am loving it and it’s doing just what I needed it to do.

Have you tried any of the Vamp Stamp products? Let me know your thoughts on my twitter, instagram or facebook pages @theprettypoetic

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