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In the ever increasing world of online shopping good customer service has never been more important in the realm of digital retail. Here’s why The Pretty Poetic thinks Victoria Health are at the forefront of the customer experience. 

Until the start of this year – I have to admit – I had never heard of, or been on, the Victoria Health Website. But, the internet has been buzzing with people talking about it and recommending it. I hadn’t given it too much thought until I watched Wayne Goss’ video recommending primers by the brand The Ordinary. You can read my review of their High Spread-ability Fluid Primer here.

Intrigued, I headed over to the website and made a few purchases:

The website is easy to navigate and product names, details and prices are clear. It’s easy to find items with the search bar at the top right, browse items via product type or brand or filter products by skincare issues. On the home page you will also find their, “Monthly Newsletter” – this is also sent to you via email if you sign up. These tell you all about the new products, contain beauty and skincare features and lets you know a little more about the people behind the brand. Once you have found what you are looking for it’s easy to add items to your “shopping basket” – it’s really totally fuss free! As a result, my online shopping experience was a positive one and my order was made and complete in no time. I received a standard email confirmation regarding my purchases and felt confident that my order was being dealt with professionally.

Now, whilst I enjoyed browsing and buying on the website it was in fact the overall customer service  I had with Victoria Health that most impressed me. This may seem ironic as the company did, in fact, get my order wrong. The package arrived promptly – as promised – and was in good condition. However, inside I had been sent two bottles of the Caffeine Solution rather than one Caffeine Solution and one primer. I was really disappointed as it was the primer I was most looking forward to trying – the Caffeine Solution was a spur of the moment extra.

So, I hopped onto the website, logged into “my order” and sent a quick email back regarding the mix up. Before 9am the next morning I had received a very courteous reply from, Natalie. Natalie could not been any more apologetic for the error. There was no further discussion required or faffing back and forth – she told me should would send out said primer via next day delivery (free of charge) and that I should keep the additional Caffeine Solution (mistakenly sent) as a gesture of good will. Sure enough, the next morning my primer arrived. I got back in touch and let her know that I had received this and thanked her for the great customer service. She was polite and asked if I could provide a note of the “packer details” so they could investigate how such a mix up happened.

So, whilst my order and experience with this website didn’t quite go to plan I can say – without a doubt – I WILL shop with them again. More often than not for me good customer service isn’t always about getting it right. It’s about how they handle things when they go wrong. Mistakes happen and I can accept that. However, the fact that I was dealt with politely, promptly and with an indication that they would act on this (to ensure other customers didn’t have similar experiences) has turned me from a one-time shopper into a loyal customer. I’ve recommend it to many of my friends and now we can’t stop clicking and shopping. Thanks Victoria Health!

If you want to know more about the people and ethos behind the brand then have a look at this article on ‘Get the Gloss’: Health and Beauty Expert Website.

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