The Ordinary High Spread-ability Fluid Primer: February Product of the Month

Product of the Month: The Ordinary High Spread-ability Fluid Primer (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)
Product of the Month: The Ordinary High Spread-ability Fluid Primer (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

The use of a primer before applying foundation – and other make-up products – has always been something of personal preference for each and every person.  Despite their being screeds of YouTube vloggers, bloggers and beauty gurus telling us that primer is a must, some people just don’t feel the need to use it; others do. I fall into the latter category. As such I am forever on the hunt for a primer that doesn’t let me down. I have very dry, sensitive skin. However, I can be prone to blemishes and (because of an underlying thyroid problem) I am prone to hot flushes. This combination often makes making make-up stay put a struggle.

Then, I heard about The Ordinary’s High Spread-ability Fluid Primer.  I heard about this fantastic brand and product through Wayne Goss (YouTube Guru – I am such a huge fan) and the video he released about this brand: you can watch it here. He made big promises about how this was one of the best primers you could buy. So, I was intrigued and at the bargain price of £5.50 I knew it was worth a try.

I have tried countless primers in the hope of finding a “secret weapon.” I’ve invested in the YSL Touché Éclat Blur Primer, the Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and the BECCA Ever Poreless Matte Primer. I’ve tried a vast array of creams, gels and sprays.  Now, whilst I have had some success stories – the Urban Decay Primers and Setting Sprays remain personal favourites – most don’t have the follow through. After a few weeks or months of use they stop working on my skin and I’m back on the hunt again.

This product however, has completely changed my skin-care life. I love it! It is so good that I genuinely don’t know how I have managed to wear make-up before it.

The Ordinary Primer

The Product

Description: “Spreadability-Enhancing Lightweight Surface Smoother and Primer.”

Directions: “Use as the last step in skincare regime as a makeup primer.”

The primer comes in an apothecary styled bottle with a dropper – as do many of The Ordinary products. I love that they keep their branding clean, simple and chic. It means they are getting straight to the point rather than focusing on gimmicky branding.  The fluid itself is gel like and applies to the skin with a very matte texture. If you aren’t a fan of gel consistencies then this won’t be a product you will enjoy applying. I don’t mind the texture personally and I like that it glides on well making your skin feel silky smooth.

The one downside to this product however, is the dropper feature. In theory, I like it. It works well as a tool for oils and serums and I have several other products from this brand where it works well. However, as the consistency of the fluid is quite thick I have found that, after a while, the dropper no longer works. It clogs and becomes practically unusable. I have to resort to tapping the product out – a la ketchup bottle – or scraping around the edges with a cotton-bud or thin brush.

High Spreadability Fluid Primer

The Results

So, how did it work?

For me, the real test is in the repeated use of a product. My final thoughts would all come down to how long make-up lasted on my skin whilst wearing this. I work long hours every day and the building I am based in has ever changing temperatures and can be a bit clammy. My workmates and I often say that if we found a foundation that lasts all day in this environment then we would have discovered a miracle.

Well, we’ve found that miracle! But, it’s not a foundation; it’s this primer! My make-up lasted a whole day of work. For the first time, I didn’t require any coffee-break rushes to the bathroom for “foundation touch-ups,” and there was minimal cracking and thinning when I got home – this never happens. And, the amazement didn’t stop there – my foundation lasted well until I was ready to remove it for bed. What makes this even better was the fact that I had completed a forty minute workout after a full day’s work and went on a brisk, thirty minute walk in some rather nippy, winter weather. But, my make-up stayed put!

To make sure this wasn’t a one-time flook I tested the product repeatedly with the same format – work, workout, walk – four to five days a week and have had the same results every time. I am amazed! So, if a product can glide on as well as this, survive a full working day, a sweaty work out, a brisk walk and cost under £6 it is a winner in my book. That’s why this primer has been named my ‘February Product of the Month.’

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