Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush: April Product of the Month

The Pretty Poetic: Product of the Month - April
Product of the Month - April (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

Want to achieve that perfect glowing, summer blush? Keep reading to find out why the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush will be my go-to blush this summer! 

Hourglass Cosmetics is one of my favourite make-up brands. Not only are their products high-quality, their branding is sleek, classy and elegant. And, whilst their products can be on the pricier side I do always feel like I am getting something special; a real treat. Sometimes, I can invest in high-end products and I don’t get that feeling which is always very disappointing given I’ve spent my hard earned money.

Over the years I have tried lots of different Hourglass products from their foundations to their primers and even their cult classic, ‘Ambient Lighting Palettes.’  Each of these have lots to offer in different ways but it has been the ‘Ambient Lighting Blush’ that I have been particularly loving. So, I have named it my ‘April ‘Product of the Month.’

The Pretty Poetic: Product of the Month - April

The Packaging

As I said before, the Hourglass packaging is very appealing. Everything always feels well made (and robust) whilst still oozing that little touch of luxury. The blush comes in a reflective, gold mini-palette with the brand name emblazoned on the top and a fairly good-sized mirror inside. I always like when a product is large enough to contain a good-sized mirror; it offers a dual purpose in your make-up bag this way, and makes touch-ups so much easier.

The Pretty Poetic: Product of the Month - April

The Product

The brand have termed their creation a, “groundbreaking hybrid,” because of the combination of customised lightning effects the powder offers. It promises to give the wearer a, “seamless, soft-focus, multi-dimensional colour,” that is, “universally flattering.”  The powders are hand-made to ensure the perfect blend of pigment and powder. It is also this process that creates the final marble appearance which I love. What’s interesting is that because of this no two powders are ever the same.
The brand argue that whilst most blushes can be a little flat on the skin the, ‘Photoluminescent Technology’ helps the powder to to exhibit depth and dimension.
There are seven different shades to choose from which I have included below as described by retailers:

• DIM INFUSION: A subdued coral blush fused with Dim Light to add warmth

• DIFFUSED HEAT: A vibrant poppy blush combined with Diffused Light for a subtle halo effect

• LUMINOUS FLUSH: A champagne-rose blush fused with Luminous Light to evoke a candlelit glimmer

• RADIANT MAGENTA: A golden fuchsia blush combined with Radiant Light for a summer glow

• MOOD EXPOSURE: A soft plum blush fused with Mood Light to brighten the complexion

• ETHEREAL GLOW: A cool pink blush fused with Ethereal Light for a moonlit luminosity

• INCANDESCENT ELECTRA: A cool peach blush blended with Incandescent Light for a celestial glow

The Pretty Poetic: Product of the Month - April

The Results

I loved this product from the second I applied it to the skin. I opted for ‘luminous flush’ because rose coloured blushes are my favourite and I loved the idea of adding a champagne tint. This is a great shade for all skin tones but worked particularly well on my fair colouring. It looks really natural and applies quite lightly. However, it is also build-able meaning I can layer extra on for a more dramatic look. I was a little concerned in the beginning that this would offer too much glimmer but, it was just a the right about for me. I feel it gives my skin a nice burst of colour whilst also looking a little sun kissed; perfect for summer.

An added bonus is the longevity of this blush. It lasts a really long time during the day and it didn’t melt off leaving any awkward patches like other blushes I have used in the past.

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