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Soap & Glory: The Whole Glam Lot (Image: The Pretty Poetic ©)

Ever since Soap & Glory burst onto the scene I have loved them. Everything about their brand appealed to me right from the get go: the bright colours; the playful product names; the 1940s and 50’s inspired women on the labels; the witty repartee in the ingredients and instructions section. I find it hilarious every time I read something on a label like, “We are legally obliged to remind you that this is not food!” or, “If you should find yourself with Smoothie Star in your eyes(s), rinse them out with cool, clean water and consider (next time) applying with a little less aplomb.” What isn’t to love?

The Brand

On discovery of the brand I was intrigued so, I headed over to their website to do some investigating and I just fell even more in love with them. The entire set up and style of the website is totally in keeping with their brand. It’s fun, cheeky, playful and full of useful information presented in an engaging way. I actually love reading about all the people who work in their team and learning what their favourite products are. For me, this personal touch just makes Soap & Glory stand out from the crowd even more. It’s the similar joy I get when I read the label on a lush product and learn my, “Cup o’ Coffee” or, “Prince of Darkness,” was handmade by, “Kate”. Thanks Kate!

And, it seems the rest of the UK can’t get enough of the sharp-witted, bubbly brand either. Their popularity continues to grow and so does their product range. So, with this in mind it makes sense why Soap & Glory are a very popular go-to for Christmas and holiday gifts. The brand doesn’t disappoint at this time of year and bring out a wealth of options for us shoppers to choose from – it’s gift set galore. The offers are also amazing (especially if you choose to shop within Boots’ 3 for 2 promotion) and when the January sales hit you can’t believe what products you are snatching up for ridiculously good prices.

The Gift Set

This year I was lucky enough to be gifted the amazing limited addition set:‘The Whole Glam Lot’. There was so much buzz about this product from the second it was announced – there were even VIP mailing lists people could sign up to when the decision was made to drop the normal £60 retail price down to £30.  I really believe £30 in an outstanding price for this set which contains ten, quality items. What was particularly good isthat each of these came from across their product range – skincare, bath and body and make up. Moreover they included a variety of scents – Original Pink, Smoothie Star, Sugar Crush – meaning your favourite was bound to be in there or, you could try a new scent you perhaps hadn’t before.

However, before we delve into the individual products, let’s talk about the “gift box” itself. This set was really quirky and special in the sense that the gift box was in the style of a metal suitcase. It’s super cute and can be re-used as a glamorous storage tool, or can even as a nifty carry-case for beauty products and knick-knacks for those weekends away. The fun factor doesn’t stop there though. The case is styled in the classic Soap & Glory pink colour scheme and, features the image of glamorous retro woman. Did you know that many of the women who feature on the packaging for Soap & Glory products are real women from the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s? Their website offers customers the chance to share any fun family photos that could potentially make their way onto a bountiful body butter or luscious lotion. It’s this fact that makes the design of this gift set even more special. The image of this particular woman is actually made up of hundreds of miniature selfies of Soap & Glory fans. They were asked earlier in the year to submit their selfies if they wanted the chance to be included. Cute or what?

The Products Inside

So, what can you actually find inside the set and how much would it cost you ordinarily?

Bath & Body

  • Smoothie Star Deep Moisture Body Milk (£10.00)
  • Sugar Crush Body Wash (£6.50)
  • The Scrub of Your Life Body Buffer (£7.00)
  • Hydrating Hand Food (£5.50)


  • Face Soap & Clarity 3-in-1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash (£6.00)
  • Speed Plump Super Moisturising Day Cream (£13.00)
  • Hand Maid Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleansing Gel (£2.50)


  • Thick & Fast High Definition Collagen Coat Mascara (£10.50)
  • Sexy Mother Pucker Lip Gloss in Rose & Shine (£9.00)
    *Prices correct according to Soap & Glory website as of 1.10.17

The overall cost of these items would be £70 making this one of the best bargains this festive season. The best thing is that the promotional price is still going on in Boots and there are still plenty of these sets up for grabs. However, they won’t be around for long so head down to your local high-street to snatch them up while you can – I already know a handful of people who have bought more than one because the value is so good.

Keep an eye on my upcoming blog posts for individual product reviews from inside the set and other Soap & Glory favourites.

What item are you most interested in from ‘The Whole Glam Lot’?

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