Unicorn Brushes: First Impressions

Unicorn Bruhses
Unicorn Brushes (Image: The Pretty Poetic©

There is nothing quite like that feeling you get when you start using a brand new make-up brush.

Clean, soft and shiny the right brush can have you dashing home to wipe off your entire make-up look, just so you can re-apply it all over again with your latest buy. In the ever expanding world of make-up the brushes we buy have become just as important as the foundation we wear and the primers we prep with. In this world the right product can quickly become a beauty cult classic – Philosophy’s, ‘Hope in a Jar,’ Urban Decay’s, ‘Naked Eye Shadow Palette,’ ‘Estee Laudre’s, ‘Double Wear Foundation’. And, the world of brushes is no stranger to such cults. Who doesn’t want to own a full set of Morphe, Sigma or Artis brushes? Who hasn’t heard blogger after vlogger gush about how brilliant the Mac 217 is for perfecting that smoky eye? So, it seems that the competition is on to keep the attention of beauty addicts out there and their need for something new, exciting and fresh satisfied.

Cue unicorn brushes.

This year unicorn brushes took the beauty world by storm. UK based company Unicorn Lashes created the, ‘Original Unicorn Brushes’ which were so popular that they sold out in less than twelve hours; only to do the same again when they re-stocked. People cannot get enough of these novelty make-up tools. Instagram was soon flooded with images of the colourful creations and suddenly we were all questioning the humdrum nature of our bog-standard black and silver staples. In a world obsessed with glitter, rainbows and Disney princesses it is a wonder that these little gems weren’t on the mass market sooner. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on them, the full set of ‘Original Unicorn Brushes’ retails at £45.00. This includes ten varying pieces. They currently have a mailing list that you can sign up to so that you are notified when the items are restocked.

However, if you are not one of lucky few there are many credible dupes out there at affordable prices. I managed to nab a set of five from discount website ‘Groupon’ for a bargain £7 reduced from £19.99. There was also the option of purchasing a ten piece set of £10. The site offered overall savings of up to 78% off cost price. The set was delivered promptly and each brush was individually sealed in cellophane wrap. Having them in front of me it was clear to see why they have become a beauty lover’s must-have. They are, in the simplest form, a way to add a little bit of magic and fun into your every-day routine. And who doesn’t want a little bit of magic in their lives?

The bristles themselves feature of range of rainbow colours and are held in place with a mirrored, silver collar. The handle is another stunning feature – a spiralling, white pearlescent unicorn horn.  And whilst you would be forgiven for thinking they would be cheap and tacky there is something about their ostentatious nature and theatricality that makes them wonderful. The set I purchased contained primarily face brushes with one smaller brush that could potentially be used for shadow blending or application of highlight or concealer. The bristles are well secured and show no signs of dislodging when applied to the skin with some pressure. They are soft in texture and the density is enough to ensure the product latches on but isn’t excessive or in danger of being over-applied.

I can fast see these make-up brushes becoming a staple in my everyday routine. However, there is a small portion of me that feels they are almost too pretty to use. With that said, if I ever find myself drifting away from these flamboyant bristle and back to my humble sigmas or real-techniques one thing is for sure, they will add a little bit of sparkle and colour to any aspiring dressing table.

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