Kandee Johnson & Too Faced: ‘I Want Kandee’ Eye Palette Review

'I Want Kandee' Eye-Shadow Palette (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)
'I Want Kandee' Eye-Shadow Palette (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)


Kandee Johnson, American Youtube sensation and Make-Up Guru has long been a personal idol of mine. Now, she’s teamed up with one of my favourite make-up brands, Too Faced Cosmetics, for what I can only describe as one of the best collaborations to date. Read on to find out my thoughts on the, ‘I Want Kandee‘ Eye Palette! 

Who is Kandee Johnson?

With close to four million subscribers on Youtube and 1.7 million followers on Instagram Kandee Johnson is a well-established icon in the social influence sphere. Known mostly for being a beauty guru with a particular talent for facial transformations Kandee has also gained credit for her upbeat and inspiring personality. She defines her channel as the “happiest channel on Youtube” and openly talks about how a positive attitude has helped her through tough times. At 39 Kandee is older than most influential vloggers and bloggers who fit in the statistical 18-24 bracket. None-the-less her influence on the growth of the Youtube sensation has been huge and she is very much considered to be one of the pioneers of her industry. Click here to read her interview for Forbes Magazine where she talks about life as a Youtube star.

The Collaboration

In August this year the Too Faced and Kandee Johnson collaboration finally launched and the result is the stuff of beauty dreams. Too Faced founder, Jerrod Blandino and Kandee are close friends in real and creative masterminds in their fields so it seemed inevitable that what they produced together would be amazing. And it was…say hello to the I Want Kandee Collection. Suitably themed on the idea of all things sweet the collaboration contains several items including eye-liner, matte lipstick melts, luminizers, the now iconic banana powder and of course the gorgeous I Want Kandee eye palette. It was no surprise that this range sold out as quickly as it did and now there are only a few items remaining – people are now even selling the out-of-stock banana powder on ebay for between $50-70

'I Want Kandee' Eye-Shadow Palette (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

I Want Kandee Eye Palette

I love eye-shadow palettes and I quite often have declared a new purchase my favourite ever. Quite often those palettes are from my favoured Too Faced. But, my love for this palette has reached new heights. Being a fan of Kandee I knew I had to have it so the novelty factor in itself is what drew me in but, as soon as it arrived it was love at first blink. Too Faced write:

“Step into your own beauty dream world with this delicious blend of Kandee’s most coveted eye looks.”

Cruelty free and free from gluten and parabens this products has a lot going for it. It was genuinely curated and created by Kandee Johnson and contains a combination of matte, satin and shimmer style shadows. The colours are broken down into three “candy clusters” that let you create day to night looks easily. Think of the Charlotte Tilbury desk-to-dance floor format and you will get what I mean. All of the colour names tie in with the “sweet shop” theme and include things like, “Sparkling Cider,” “Sugared Strawberry,” “Sugar Plum,” and “Cream Puff.” My personal favourites are found in the first cluster of colours in the combination of “Butter-scotched,” “Pastry,” and “Sweet Toffee.”

'I Want Kandee' Eye-Shadow Palette (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

If the colour range and ease of use isn’t enough to lure you in then the smell will – wow! As soon as you open the lid the sweet smell hits you; it’s good enough to eat. For me the scent provoked an instant flashback to my younger years and my love for the sweet infused cupcake dolls. This kind of little detail makes the product that little bit more special in my eyes and really shows commitment to the theme.

Also, included in the product is the “Kandee’s Signature Beauty Recipes” slip which includes a step-by-step advice on how to create the looks. Simple as it may sound this little handy-helper has actually really influenced an improvement in the eye-looks I create and for that I am very grateful.

'I Want Kandee' Eye-Shadow Palette (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

The Packaging

The box is created to mimic the style of a vintage chocolate box which is a concept I love. On the back you find information on the products included in the style of a chocolate flavour map – a nice touch. The box itself is tin, pink (in keeping with the Too Faced and Kandee brand styles) and features a cartoon illustration of Kandee which is super cute. The lid of the box is dome shaped which some people feel makes it more difficult to store. This is true is you are a stacker but, I think that would missing the point here. A lot of time has went into making the packaging of this something note-worth so, for me, its certainly a dressing table feature. The only downside to the tin lid is that if bumped it can pop out of shape and trying to fix it is a bit of a nightmare. however, this certainly isn’t a deal-breaker for me by any means. Inside they also include a opaque cover sheet much like you would find in the inside of a real chocolate box which was, once again, another lovely touch. The box  doesn’t contain a mirror inside which has been a gripe for some. I always like the inclusion of a mirror but, I can understand that it wouldn’t necessarily be tying in with the sweet box concept. So again, I admire the commitment to style in that respect.

'I Want Kandee' Eye-Shadow Palette (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

The Results

The great colour selection, combination and pigmentation of these shadows have meant this is a product I definitely think is worth a purchase. The shadows blend well together and last a really long time. I also like the fact that there is little fallout when I apply them and any that does appear could be avoided with a lighter touch. The palette is heavy on the side of shimmer shadows which I think will make it a staple for the festive season but may be off putting for matte lovers out there. I wouldn’t let this stop you from giving this palette at try. There are enough matte colours in there to give you a solid eye look and the shimmers can be used sparingly if you wish only a slight glimmer.

'I Want Kandee' Eye-Shadow Palette (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)

Where Can I Get It?

This is perhaps the only negative for us UK Kandee and Too Faced lovers – we have to ship it from Too Faced directly. That is unless you hunt it down on Amazon or Ebay. It costs £36 and taxes and VAT are added at check out. It is a limited edition collection so get in there fast if you want it. I know I will certainly be making another purchase before it’s too late.

'I Want Kandee' Eye-Shadow Palette (Image by The Pretty Poetic ©)





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