The White Company: Fragrance Set Review


Christmas candles are one of the greatest things about the Yule-tide season. Nothing gives you a more festive feeling than classic winter aromas like, cinnamon, nutmeg, oranges, ginger and spice. Picking out new candles for my home is one of my favourite things to do all year round but, at Christmas, it holds that little bit more magic.

There are lots of places you can pick up Christmas Candles on the high street. I have found some great bargains over the years in places like TKMaxx, Debenhams or in stores selling popular candle favourites ‘Yankee’ and ‘Woodwick’. However, one of my favourite stores (for many things including candles) is, ‘The White Company’.

The UK-based chain is known for its high quality, stylish products centred on the classic and sleek colour of white (hence the company name). Its prices are marketed as being more affordable than many other, “high-end” stores. And, whilst I would never consider this to be, “cheap and cheerful” they do give everyone the chance to add a little sprinkle of elegance and luxury to their lives without drastically breaking the bank. The ‘Winter Fruits Candle Collection’ for example is sold at £45 for a set of three – this equates to around 210g of product. Similarly styled products from Jo Malone are priced at £42 for one candle at 200g or 190g for a Diptyque fragrance at the same price.

The company prides itself on being classic, simplistic and chic. It avoids trends and fads instead focusing on products that showcase effortless style. This is one of my favourite things about them; if you fancy knowing more about them you can read their story here.

On my first festive shop of the season I headed straight for, ‘The White Company’ store on Buchanan Street, Glasgow. The “Style Mile” was a hive of activity – as expected – with seasonal brass bands, glittery fairy lights and bustling Christmas shoppers. As anticipated, the store was stowed out. It was the “Black Friday Weekend Sale” and shoppers couldn’t get enough: I didn’t blame them! On entering the store we were hit with a wave of delicious, wintery scents – fig, cloves, cinnamon and winter fruits. The candles were strategically placed at the front of the shop masterfully luring in the passersby. After sniffing my way through the array of candles on show – ‘Orange Grove,’ ‘Signature Pomegranate,’ ‘Fir and Berry,’ I settled on the, ‘Cinnamon, Clove and Orange: Mini Home Scenting Set’.

This beautiful scent oozes Christmas cheer and its potency is just right: not too strong but still present after some time has passed. Once purchased and tucked neatly away I couldn’t help but notice how the smell of the fragrance lingered as I moved from store to store. This was impressive given the products were cellophane sealed and tucked away in my sturdy, ‘bag for life’. This kind of product quality is what I have come to expect from a brand like, ‘The White Company’ and is what you hope for when you are splashing out for that little something special.

The set comes in a classic, ‘White Company’ branded box with a festive, red-ribbon trim. The company logo is emblazoned on the front, and on the inside, the three products – a candle, room spray and diffuser – are nestled snugly. The whole set cost £15. Similar sets can be found here.

The design of all of the items in the set is beautiful – classic and subtle – which suits my style to a tee. I’ve positioned the candle at the front door so I am greeted with the smell as soon as a come home, and so that visitors can get the pleasure of this festive fragrance too.  Overall, I’m thrilled with this purchase and one I will be enjoying for the whole festive season. If it is something you fancy too I would get in their quick – these sets are such value for money I can see them flying off the shelves.


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